Review: Oster Classic Beehive Blender

Oster 4093 Classic Beehive BlenderThe Oster 4093 Classic Beehive Blender comes with a good-sized motor that will enable you to create great sauces, smoothies, soups and drinks. It has the ability to chop up vegetables, fruits; grind nuts and coffee beans; grate coconuts and cheeses and crush ice.

The blender will allow you to control the speed using low or high speed pulse control. It’s also possible to hold down the button for continuous blending. The jar can accommodate 40 ounces of ingredients. It’s made of glass that is tapered and ribbed; and fits nicely on the uniquely-shaped solid base. The base itself has anti-slip rubber feet that prevent it from sliding all over the place.

The blade is made from durable stainless-steel and can quickly be removed for easy cleaning. The blender stands 16 inches. All the parts, except for the glass jar are made from durable plastic and can easily be hand washed. The unit comes with a user manual, a recipe book and a standard 1 yr warranty.


  • Nicely designed blender that can crush, grate, chop and grind different ingredients. Comes with a 500 watt motor that provides good power.
  • Offers 2 standard speeds, high and low; it also offers pulse action.
  • The ribbed glass container can hold 40 ounces of ingredients.
  • Has a uniquely-shaped base with anti-sliding rubber feet.
  • Comes with a one year standard warranty.

The Reviews

The Oster 4093 Classic Beehive Blender was reviewed by a total of 233 customers. It got a lot of good reviews and the comments overall were very positive. Out of 5 stars, the product was able to grab 4 of them.

A few of the people that had first tried this one had tried other blenders. They had less than enjoyable experiences, until they used this one. There’s nothing tricky about it and its simplicity makes it that much more sophisticated. This is definitely for anyone that just want to make simple drinks, smoothies and other concoctions. One user had made a comment saying that it kicks. There are multiple speeds but he put himself on the line saying that 3, 6 and 9 were not needed.

Many of the reviewers really liked the price of the product. It has a price range that will give an opportunity for many people to blend foods and drinks in the comfort of their home. This is what inspired many people to give it a go.

One complaint that I saw had to do with the bottom part of the pitcher which had started to rust, including the blade. One user said that one task he hates is the washing part. On several occasions, he has let the container sit in the washing machine and for some reason it is now developing rust. This user didn’t complain about the product and said that it was expected since he didn’t remove the container from the washer.

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A few commented about the loud noise. I guess this is a little tradeoff for a little bit of power. This one seems a little louder. Overall, people were very satisfied with the blender and it really did whip things up quite quickly. There were some complaints, but for the price, how can you go wrong?

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