Review: Oster 6684 12-Speed Blender

Oster 6684 12-Speed BlenderThe Oster 6684 12-Speed Blender provides pure simplicity in action. This blender is ideal for people that have limited space but have a definite need for an appliance that can quickly whip up delicious drinks, soups, sauces and more. The design is typical of classic blender design with a more compact body.

It comes with a 450-watt motor that can create virtually anything that your heart desires. It is only limited to your imagination. You have a variety of blending speeds that you can choose from, 12 to be exact. It allows you to toggle between speed controls for continuous processing. The Drive system is made of durable metal, the blades are made of solid stainless steel.

Comes with measuring cap and lid and the glass jar can be washed in a dishwasher. It measures 7 x 11 x 15 inches and comes with a standard 1 year limited warranty.


  • Great compact counter 450-watt blender that can mix soups, frozen drinks, smoothies and more.
  • Has 12 blending speeds and can easily toggle for continuous processing.
  • Blade is made from stainless steel; comes with pulse and ice crushing option.
  • Glass jar is dishwasher safe and comes with measuring cap and lid.
  • Dimensions are 7 x 11 x 15 inches and comes with a standard 1 year warranty.

The Reviews

The Oster 6684 12-Speed Blender was reviewed by 81 different customers. It received a lot of good comments overall. It was able to attain 4 stars out of a possible 5.

Many of the reviewers agreed that the blender does a great job of blending and processing ingredients. This includes frozen ingredients too. It will take it and turn it into a nicely textured and consistent sauce or drink. It will not leave bits of lumpy or grainy pieces. One even noted that it does a good job of pulling everything to the bottom where the blades are. This will ensure that everything gets blended evenly.

A lot of the reviewers liked the price. This is one factor that got many people to take action and to purchase the product. Most figured that if it broke down, they spent less than fifty dollars. It’s like paying a cup of coffee everyday for a two month period. Don’t let the price fool you, it does what it says and will do a good job. It’s a given that it doesn’t have some of the features offered by some of the more expensive models, but it gets the job done.

Many liked that it was easy to take apart. It makes cleaning that much easier which is good because it’s not always on the list of things that need to be done after using a blender. Some weren’t too crazy about the plastic base, but on further observation, some noted that it was actually quite durable. It is not as flimsy as some people think. It’s actually a good way for Oster to offer a product to the public for under $100, by not offering a base that is made out of expensive metal. It works fine.

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Some complaints I saw had to do with leaks and that the blender didn’t really crush ice that well. This one user had tried crushing ice for drinks but found that the blender needed to be shaken a few times before the ice could be crushed.

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