How To Choose The Best Smoothie Blender

If you love smoothies, then you either buy it from a store, or you can make it for yourself at home – which is generally much cheaper and healthier as well. If you do your own smoothie, you can work on the exact ingredients that you want, and you can eliminate the use of non-so-health-friendly ingredients like sugar, chemicals and other preservatives.

However, you can only make your own smoothie if you have a blender. If you are on the lookout, then you are on the right page to set your check list on how to get the best smoothie blenders that you can take a look at in the market today.

Go For Quality, Not The Cheapest Necessarily

If you intend to make smoothies for a long time, then you must get the best smoothie blender that will last longer. A good price range for this can be anywhere from $50 to $120. Try not to go for the ones that are way below than that set price. You might just waste your money if you do, because most of these types of blenders will not be able to produce the best quality of smoothie because it cannot grind and blend the fruits or vegetables due to a poor quality of blades. Always remember that a good quality blender will be able to crush in the contents and ice in a breeze because it has a very powerful motor inside.

A Powerful Motor

When it comes to the motor, the best smoothie blender should and always starts at a minimum of 500 watts. With this type of power, the blender will be able to work on the best consistency of the smoothie with perfectly blended fruits / vegetables and finely crushed ice. What you aim for is to be able to crush the contents inside the blender and produce a creamy texture with a blast of flavors from the ingredients that you have used in.

A Sturdy Body and Base

You should also consider having a sturdy body for your blender. The best is probably a metal base type so that you don’t have to worry about flipping and moving while your blender is turned on. You should also choose the type that has a touch pad buttons. Don’t get anything with buttons wherein the contents of your smoothie can sip in. This will just cause moisture build up inside the mechanism of your blender, which will eventually turn into a malfunctioning blender in no time.

Use Blenders From Quality Manufacturers

And last but not the least; try to choose the type of blenders that are made by the top quality manufacturers. These companies, although they might offer higher price tags, will make sure that you have only the best type of blender, crafted from their years of experience, and of course by ensuring you that your kitchen appliance have passed quality calibration standards. You also have to take note that appliances or anything that uses electricity and have not passed quality standards are considered hazardous items inside the house that may cause fire due to short circuit.

Check out our blender reviews to see what we feel are the best smoothie blenders. Pretty much any of the blenders we’ve reviewed will work good for smoothie’s, but for the best chopping and liquification capabilities, you will want to go for something that has a very powerful motor and excellent blades like the Ninja Blender or the Vitamix Blender.

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