Does Blendtec Make the Safest Blenders?

Blendtec is saying that they make the safest blenders, or at least they are implying so on one of their latest blog posts. Is this true?

They make a good case. They mention that they routinely blend crazy stuff made out of crazy materials on their video series “Will It Blend?”, and to put it lightly, their blenders can blend some crazy things without falling apart at the seams.

Think of that for a moment – they have blended stuff like iPhones and the Blendtec blender held up quite well during the whole ordeal.

So, let’s put it like this. Maybe Blendtec doesn’t make the safest blender, but they certainly make a blender that has a proven track record of not breaking while blending things that are way more un-blendable than anything that most people will feel comfortable putting in their own blenders.

For that reason, I will at least nod along with them, since they have a track record to back up their claims. But that doesn’t mean that some of the other manufacturers don’t make extremely safe or durable blenders either.

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