Does Blendtec Make the Safest Blenders?

Blendtec is saying that they make the safest blenders, or at least they are implying so on one of their latest blog posts. Is this true? They make a good case. They mention that they routinely blend crazy stuff made out of crazy materials on their video series “Will It Blend?”, and to put it […]

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Calphalon XL9 Blenders Recalled

Calphalon has issued a recall of their XL 9 Speed Blender. The recall is due to safety concerns with the mixing blade. The model affected is: 1832449 or ME600BL More details of this recall can be found on Calphalon’s website. They are also offering a pretty cool free gift to anybody that sends their old […]

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Can You Decant Wine in a Blender?

The idea of decanting wine in a blender has been floating around for a while, and there are many people that have tried it and written opinions on it. We recently posted a video from Tim Ferriss where he discusses various methods of decanting wine, including using a blending tool for aeration. It is also […]

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The Innovations of Blendtec, Great Video

Here’s the guy from the “Will It Blend?” videos, did you know that he’s the CEO of Blendtec? He’s a pretty nice guy, as evidenced by all the interviews of him out there. In this video, he goes into some of the innovations that his blenders put on display and how he came up with […]

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Will It Blend? How About Glowsticks?

Yeah this one came out many years ago at this point, but it’s pretty sweet. I don’t recommend trying this at home, ha. I guess that is pretty much what you would expect to happen when blending glow sticks. Not much more needs to be said.

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How To Choose The Best Smoothie Blender

If you love smoothies, then you either buy it from a store, or you can make it for yourself at home – which is generally much cheaper and healthier as well. If you do your own smoothie, you can work on the exact ingredients that you want, and you can eliminate the use of non-so-health-friendly […]

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