We like to review the best blenders available online today.

Have you been looking around for a new blender for your home? There are tons of options available and quality can vary wildly.

What we have done is reviewed the best blenders, not the worst. This helps you narrow down your decision making process, and will help you focus on the blenders that are worth your time and money. Don’t get fooled into buying a blender that has a bad reputation or bad quality construction.

With all this being said, we also made sure to review blenders in several price ranges. The blenders that we have featured on this site range from around $30 all the way up to several hundred dollars.

Of course, you get mostly what you pay for. If you want lots of power and extreme chopping/mixing capabilities, you will want to look at the more expensive models. If you can get by with basic functionality and not as much power, there are certainly some affordable, quality options for cheaper prices as well.

As new blenders come out, we will continue to review the best.

We will also be adding a lot of other info to this site such as recipes, tips and buying guides.

Enjoy your visit!

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